Managed Service Provider

Remote or on-site managed IT services save money and provide top notch support for any business.

KTech Services offers a full spectrum of certified managed services to help relieve you and your staff of the burden of day-to-day management of IT operations and infrastructure. Choose the services that can best meet your company’s needs and free up your staff and resources for more strategic endeavors within your organization. Managed services can often provide a cost-saving measure for many organizations.


KTech Services' managed services can also help you access IT resources and high-level expertise more cost effectively, from leading-edge security to cloud-based database management. In addition to the services listed, KTech Services offers assistance with project management and migration services.


KTech Services offers managed services in the following:


  • Server Management and Monitoring

    24/7/365 server monitoring

    CPU, memory, disk, swap/page file utilization monitoring

    Service/process status monitoring (Automated service restarts under Microsoft Windows)

    Event log monitoring and consolidation URL/Port monitoring

    Basic (Up/Down ICMP) monitoring

    Events are received by KTech Services and escalated to customer for remediation

    Patch management (OEM and Third Party)

    Anti-virus management

  • Managed Security

    •Managed Firewall and VPN Service

    •Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    •Managed Unified Threat Management

    •Spam and Virus Filter

    •HIPAA Security Suite

  • Data Services

    •Backup and Restore

    •Onsite Backups

    •Offsite Media Backups

    •Offsite Electronic Backups

    •Tape Rotation

    •Managed Data Replication

    •Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Managed Print Services

    •Printer Fleet Management

    •Consumable Monitoring

    •Print Studies and Workflow Assessments

    •Print Server Monitoring and Management

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